# Where is Nepal Located on the World Map ?

Nepal is located in Asia Continent.

If you know where China is - then Nepal is to the SOUTH of China.

If you know where India is - then Nepal is to the North of India.

And Nepal is between China & India.

Nepal between China & India

This is the Geographical Location: latitudes 26° and 31°N, and longitudes 80° and 89°E.

# Is Nepal a city? Is Nepal in India?

No, it is an Independent landlocked nation - it is surrounded by India from East, West, & South and by China from North. And sarcastically, people call Nepal as Sausage of Sandwich between two big nations.

Some people have this misunderstanding that Nepal is a part of Tibet China and this knowledge is a 100% myth. In fact, Nepal has never been invaded and have no any independence day.

# What is a landlocked nation?

A nation becomes landlocked if she has no access to sea-port. For that matter, Two Countries - Nepal & China Landlocks Nepal. Hence, Nepal is a landlocked nation.

For Nepal, the nearest sea access is 644 kilometers (400 miles) to the southeast on the Indian Ocean's Bay of Bengal.

The nearest country besides India and China is Bangladesh which is just 27 Km(17 mi) far.