# 9 Amazing Lakes your will love in Nepal

Best Places are Best in a unique way! Mere words cannot describe their beauty.

Lakes in Nepal are the prime example of what lakes should be. They are calm & photogenic with jaw-dropping views in the background.

Below are The 9 fascinating lakes in Nepal you should definitely include in your Nepal travel plan.


1: Gokyo [ 4,700-5,000 m (15,400-16,400 ft)]

2: Tilicho [4,919 m (16,138 ft)] - Highest altitude Lake in the world in terms of size

3: Paanch Pokhari [4,100 m (13,500 ft)]

4: Rara [2,290 m (7,510 ft)] - deepest & biggest Lake of Nepal - max. depth: 167 m (548 ft) - area: 1,061 ha (2,620 acres)

5: Gosainkunda [4,380 m (14,370 ft)]

6: Shey Phoksundo Lake [3,611.5 m (11,849 ft)]

7: Tsho Rolpa [4,580 metres (15,030 ft)]

8: Phewa [ 742 m (2,434 ft)]- Second Largest Lake of Nepal

9: Begnas [650 m (2,133 ft)] & Rupa [600 m (2,000 ft)] - Near Phewa Lake & Rupa is the Third Biggest Lake of Pokhara Valley

# 1. Gokyo

Gokyo Lake Image

Gokyo Lake - more like Gokyo Lakes System is a group of Six major Lakes. Forming a camera-ready, most alluring and an eye-catching view that you can't get enough of.

Now, imagine sitting at an altitude of 4,700-5,000 meters and taking pictures of a lifetime. - This will be an experience you will cherish.

The Lakes are in the shadow of the sixth highest mountain - Cho Oyu 8,188 m (26,864 ft). From here, a three-hour walk will take you to Gokyo Ri - a perfect spot for stunning views of Mount Everest.

# 2. Tilicho

Tilicho Lake - High Altitude Lake

Tilicho Lake is in the Annapurna Region.

It is at an altitude of 4,919 m (16,138 ft) and is the Highest altitude lakes in the world - on the basis of its size.

The magnificence of the lake is enhanced by the lack of vegetation. Because of this, the blue sky perfectly blends with the clear white mountain - creating an incredibly captivating backdrop.

Besides, The Tilicho Lake is mentioned in the Hindu Spiritual book - 'The Ramayana'. Yearly, lots of Hindu followers show up at this divine spot.

# 3. Paanch Pokhari

Paanch Pokhari of Nepal

Paanch Pokhari transcribes to "five lakes' - and this is what exactly lies in the Langtang National Park.

The trail to the lake is rarely hiked - and it will be an amazing opportunity for you to explore this destination.

For an exceptional experience, visit the place in Shrawan (July-Aug). During this month, Hindu Festival - Janai Purnima is celebrated. And numerous Hindu followers come here to worship the lake because of its religious significance.

Before going - remember! you have to camp for this hike. There will be very few tourists and the marvelous mountain views will be only for you to enjoy!

# 4. Rara

Rara Lake of Mugu Nepal

Rara Lake is the biggest Himalayan Lake of Nepal. It is

so big that you will need 1 whole day to get around it.

Reaching to the lake will be a tough adventure. As the destination is less frequently visited and the facilities are not to standards.

Despite, you will most likely enjoy the color changing lake - the lake changes its color into 7 different types. How fascinating, right?

The marvelous Rara lake is protected under the Rara National Park project and the views are up to the standards of tourists. You will enjoy the amazing Himalayan views in the backdrop and the diversified floras and the faunas along the trail.

# 5. Gosainkunda

Gosainkunda Lake of Rasuwa

Gosainkunda Lake is a popular tourist destination and widely respected Hindu pilgrimage site.

It is most favorable as an add-on with Langtang Valley Trek. You should consider it while trekking in the Langtang Region.

The Lake showcases astounding backdrop of Himalayas and its blue color melts the heart and fills eyes of avid nature lovers.

While on trekking - you will pass through an amazing Buddhist-Tibetan influenced community. The best time to visit the Lake is during the Janai Purnima - the month of Shrawan (July-Aug). It is a festival celebrated by Hindus all around the world and you will see numerous Hindu followers coming to visit and worship the Lake.

Few hours from the lake takes you to Suryakunda, Aama Kunda, and other small lakes - best vantage point for startling views of the Himalayas.

# 6. Shey Phoksundo Lake

Panoramic View of Phoksundo Lake.

The beauty and the captivating scenery of Shey Phoksundo Lake are the most alluring among all the Himalayan lakes.

The surrounding is the perfect blend of nature, ------ the green land, the calm blue lake, the dazzling white mountains in the backdrop and the clear blues sky are in a perfect harmony.

It is also the deepest Lake in Nepal -- having being featured in the Hollywood movie 'Caravan'. The movie has helped the region get quite an attention from international tourists.

The movie features the lifestyle, culture, and the background of the people of Dolpo Region. You can check out the movie too!

Before going - You are not allowed to swim in the Lake because of its religious importance.

# 7. Tsho Rolpa

Tsho Rolpa lake of Nepal

High Glacial Tsho Rolpa Lake is less frequently visited destination near the Tibetan border.

The Langtang range and the Everest range makes this lake a valley of mountain region sides. Though rarely hiked destination - the home of Tibetan influenced Buddhist Sherpa which is in the Rolwaling Valley of Dolakha District is particularly striking for the stunning views Mount Gauri Shankar (7134m), Dorje Lakpa, and many others High Himalaya Peaks.

You can visit the destination. However, the sad news is that the melting of glacial of Himalayas is causing the water level to rise. And because of this, the dam which is holding the water is unstable and the burst of the dam can cause the loss of lives and livestock of more than 600 villagers. And part of the reason is you and me.

Hence, we need to control the pollution. Saying that - do visit this amazing lake to experience the lifestyle of the diversified culture here and see peaceful monasteries along the way.

# 8. Phewa

Fewa / Phewa Lake of Nepal

The famous slang - 'Lake-Side' came from Phewa Lake. Whatever is on the bank of the lake is called Lake Side - Lake side Hotel, Lake side shop, Lake side date, et cetera.

It is the main hub of attraction for tourists in Pokhara. Water adventures like boating are done here.

There is the sacred Hindu Temple -- Tal Barahi, dedicated to the Lord Vishnu in the center of the Lake. You can take a boat to reach there.

If the sky is clear - get ready for stunning reflection of Mt. Fishtail in the Lake. Far away in the distance, you can see Mt. Annapurna peeking toward the Pokhara city.

Phewa lake is also the most accessible lake for busy tourists - you can either take 7 hours drive from Kathmandu or 30 minutes of flight to reach there.

# 9. Begnas & Rupa

Begnas Lake of Pokhara, Nepal

Begnas and Rupa Lake are other two lakes near the Phewa Lake territory.

The Begnas Lake is cleaner and you can swim there. You can see mountains in the far distance and the ancient type culture and the local villages are still intact in major parts.

Rupa lake is the third largest Lake of the valley. The Lake is protected and you can take a boat ride to explore the nature and the birds. It will take around 2 hours of hikes to reach this Lake from the Begnas Lake.

Begnas & Rupa lake is a must for busy trekkers who've already visited the Phewa lake but wants to explore the rural area of Pokhara.

**These are the best lakes of Nepal. **

The variety of lakes in range of altitude makes - The lakes of Nepal very favorable for every type of adventure lovers. There is something for everyone.

Make sure to add any one of these lakes in your vacation plan. And how about sharing it with your fellows? 😄