# 10 Signs you need a Vacation to Nepal

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Human instinct is very powerful. Sometimes your heart desires a thing. It might be an influence from TV, a movie, a lecture or an advertisement. But you fall in love immediately, you try but can't forget it and every night it hunts you.

Especially once you know about Nepal, your heart will fall for it. Nepal won't hunt you like other. Instead, you will hear a calling.

Following are the most common signs that indicate you need a vacation to Nepal.

# 1. You are a Nature Person, You love peace

Nature - On the Way to Jiri from Lukla

Are you a nature lover who is seeking a way to get out of the world of artificial fulfillment? Then Nepal is an obvious choice. The mountains of Nepal is very calm and peaceful (the cities are not). The most wishful thought is to sit at the top of the mountains - reach there and express all those feelings in words. And find no words in your vocabulary to describe it. The best ever feeling for writers, authors, and philosophers and you.

# 2. You are not able to solve even the smallest problems

Frustrated Sad Women

Are you frustrated? Are you the one who is sitting for long hours to solve a problem and get nowhere? This is your calling. You need to get out of your chair and visit Nepal. You can visit the Birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha. And get a life-changing and an enlightening lesson. From the pioneers of meditation, from the monks of Lumbini and get your mind uncluttered. And return home as a new calm Person.

# 3. You have wallpaper of an Amazing scenery be it mountain, a lake or landscape

Amazing lake - Phoksundo Lake

You saw a beautiful picture on Google or Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest. And now, it somehow is your wallpaper. Or you've pinned it or saved it or liked it and commented "Amazing". This is a good sign you need to cool down, forget everything and visit Nepal.

# 4. Your Friend is in Nepal and loving every moment of it

Two Happy Nepalese Kids

Your friend took a risk to come to Nepal and says that it was the best decision ever taken. And you think your friend is crazy and telling to make you jealous? But No! Your friend is speaking the truth. Nepal is truly aspiring and you will love every moment here - but don't expect easy fruit without doing anything. You need to shed tears, sweats and sometimes blood. To see one of the most pristine, untouched and unspoiled views of the world.

# 5. Your Browser history is full of 'Mountains'

Pangboche Monastery - Amazing backdrop

You sit in front of your computer, open Google/Bing, and type "Mountain images". This has happened at least once. Be it during your childhood or recently but you have searched for mountains in Google/Bing. If this has happened, it is a sign that you need to visit Nepal. This activity you've/had remained in your unconscious mind even if you've forgotten. Your inner self won't forget.

# 6. You want to help those in Need

Image of Mules Carrying Loads

You get touched by all the people who are dying because of hunger. And all the women who are getting sold because of illiteracy. And you want to contribute in decreasing all those factors of human loss and be a proud human. Well, this is a sign that you need to invest in Nepal.

You can start your contribution toward human welfare by trekking in Nepal. How? because once you travel in Nepal. You spend money in exchange for amazing experiences' and hospitality.

The money you spend for your guide, porter and other staffs. These people are all Nepali. They spend those hard earned money for their children's education. Decreasing both the hunger and women trafficking. Well done! We are proud of you, We need more people like you in this world.

# 7. You don't know what a world class Hospitality is

Hotel Heritage Nepal - Hospitality Centre

It is most common human instinct. Everyone wants a better life. Not everywhere is safe and not everyone is friendly. In contrary, Nepali people are very hospitable. They believe guests are Gods and it is a norm here. You will most likely love the companionship of Nepali people. They are the most friendly and most trustworthy humans on the planet. And remember getting served by those people - that is The world-class Hospitality.

# 8. Images of Mountains is your Trigger

Scenic View of Ama Dablam

You are sitting there - bored of the things that's happening around. And someone begins to talk about their vacation in mountains showing images. You are now wide awake, your unconscious mind starts to work and you get lost in thought about you being there. You want to know the feeling of you being at the top of Everest Base Camp. Seeing the amazing views of the Mountains right in front of you.

It,s an obvious sign.

# 9. You want to visit ancient world/You love History

Bauddhanath Stupa

Some people are history Savvy. They want to know every Kings and Queens. They want to know the history of all the temples, stupas and monasteries. If you are one of them, Nepal can be quite tiring - there are more than 248 respected and active Hindu temples. Besides them, there are other countless small temples with their own history. (Now imagine putting Buddhist and other temples).

# 10. You've visited every other site and you still feel unfulfilled

Golden Gate Bridge of United States

Whenever we watch a playboy movie. A handsome, gorgeous looking male drives countless women crazy. But he never settles because he is not happy with them; he is not yet content. And surprisingly, he sees a girl and he becomes crazy for himself. Nepal is that Man (or Women) for you, travelers. This is your ultimate destination - this is your calling, this is the sign.

Visit Nepal soon to cure the problem. And do not forget to share!