# How to Prepare for Trekking in Nepal

It is hard to Trek in Nepal, the routes are very remote and the facilities are not so great - But is it true? And if so - how do I prepare for it? And How to Prepare for Trekking in Nepal?

Before anything else - It is not hard to Trek in Nepal. Yes, some routes are very remote and the facilities in those areas are not so great according to the Western standard.

However, the popular routes like Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek or Langtang Valley Trek can be done in a Luxurious way. Can you imagine that!!

To a degree, you've gained an idea of what I am trying to presume, right? Now, let's learn some of the ways to prepare for trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal.

# Do I Need to Book a Vacation Package or Plan my own?

Yeah! this question - you should definitely ask yourself. Because for first timers - Nepal can be hard to figure out and the number one reason is: there are no any signs of direction in the city areas - you will most likely adrift here and there - even with the Google Maps.

And you might ask yourself - should I plan my own vacation or BOOK A VACATION PACKAGE? Before that, let's break it down to make it easier.

# For trekking in Nepal or traveling in Nepal - you've four options.

First Option: Book a Vacation Package

Second Option: Plan your own

Third Option: Hire a guide or

Fourth Option: Trek with someone who has visited Nepal

Let's consider the First Option:

BOOKING A VACATION PACKAGE is by far the best choice for first timers and even for subsequent travelers who are trying new locations.

Lot's and lots of travelers favor this method of trekking in Nepal - however, they are stranded mid-way - they are stressed with lots of decisions to make - like to trust or not trust the agency, is it a good or bad agency, are they reputed, it is worth my investment, etc. etc.

Most travelers coming to Nepal - if you are one of them. They search more than 20 sites - checking their reviews, social sites, awards, testimonials and other numerous things. These things overwhelm travelers and you must have been stressed out too.

And there are few options for you to make your decision easier - there are companies who've done all the research for you and prepared neat and clean template to match most of the tourist's needs. You can try services provided by the local watchdogs like - BOOKTAIN. They make sure the services are high quality and the safety standards are maintained up to the standards.

The second option:

Planning your own vacation is another way you can trek in Nepal - Buying latest guidebooks on the place you are going is the best option. It will be easier for you to explore the popular routes like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp and other - most of the routes have easy to follow directions marked along the way. If you want to go to the remote places - Best choice would be to hire a guide or book from an agency.

The third:

Hiring an experienced guide is another option - they will provide valuable information about the location and will be cheaper than booking from an agency in an all-inclusive package. But, the downside is that - it is difficult to find a reliable guide and it is not as secure as Booking a vacation package from an agency because GUIDES OFFERED FROM AGENCY are licensed, have an insurance policy, and they can organize rescue operations in case of emergency - Whereas an independent guide can't.

The Last but not Least:

Let's face it! You might think of** trekking with someone who've visited Nepal**. It can be your family member, friend or acquaintance. This is a good choice to save money and it is only the best choice if you're up for short hikes and sightseeing around the popular destination. Again - this option won't make sure you are covered with necessary rescue operation in case of Emergency in the Himalayas. Choose wisely!

# Real Deal, Starts from here - How to Prepare for trekking in Nepal in 6 easy Steps [BONUS at the End]:

# 1. Mental Preparation is a must

A person in Jungle Sitting Thinking / waiting

Mental preparation means - trying to understand the norms here - making sure you do not get homesick. Also, you might be thinking in your head that you are going somewhere wild - like in movies. That's not true - you will enjoy the company of the locals here and despite some routes being challenging - they are nonetheless doable - people of the Mountains do it all the time.

# 2. Exercise helps

Mother and Daughter Exercise/Push up together.

Don't try to be a super athlete or hardcore mountaineer because we are not doing that. You should try some simple workout - like squats and walk in the rocky terrain. You will be surprised once you are in the Himalayas - it will be easier if you've done work-out else ..... - let's hope for best.

# 3. Choice of Footwear is lifesaving

A Pair of Hiking Shoes

You don't want to get blisters on your first day of trekking, right? Check out for lightweight trekking shoe - that protects from cold and sturdy enough to last long. Socks should also be comforting enough for long hikes.

# 4. Don't stuff your stomach

Full Stomach with Burger and Chips

Yeah! it will be a serious mess to suffer from diarrhea in the Himalayas, right? In that case, you better watch out what you put in your belly. Noone will tell you to stay for fasting - just eat enough to provide your body with necessary energy.

# 5. Customize route plan

Planning A Vacation with glasses, diary, pencil, photographs, ropes and lenses

You can customize your route as long as you are under the budget and not with a large group. If you have booked a trek from Travel agencies or FROM US - you can customize routes and plan accordingly. Some tourists like to go-off-the-beaten path - if you are one of those - DON'T forget to ASK.

# 6. Take it slowly

Lady Going for Vacation with Luggage.

Start from scratch - do some small hikes around the city - like Nagarkot or Champadevi. Then, continue to Ghorepani poon hill or Australian Base Camp trek - no more than 5 days. Likewise, increase your altitude and days gradually - it will be easier for your body to adjust to the Himalayan territory. Good for you.


That's it! Your Bonus is Here:

  • Change your cash money into smaller denominators like 100 or 50. Don't try to flash 1000 or 500 notes - it is a bad norm and you will end up being a rich tourist, trying to show-off.

  • Clothing is necessary - just don't stuff will all the clothes you have in your closet. Two pairs of flexible, multi-purpose sets of clothing are OK- for like - 14 Days of trekking.

Don't forget to share it with your buddies and parents. And Happy preparing!