# 5 Awesome Things you can learn from Travel

How many places have you visited so far? few? many? countless? - zero?

Whatever the number is - I want to ask you something. What lessons have you learned from that journey? - the lesson is what it counts.

Do comment your priceless lessons or send us - We want to share with our readers.

These are the 5 awesome things you can learn from Travelling.

# 1. That the world isn't so bad

Cute Puppy

You know! the world isn't as violent as you think. If you are going to or visited few countries - you must have realized that they are like us - HUMAN.

In many countries - you are greeted warmly. They are just like us - you and me. The media always exaggerate things because we love action, we love the thrill and they Know just how to make it happen.

'' It is a BEAUTIFUL world, so turn-OFF computer and go outside." - unknown

# 2. That situation becomes how you look at

Playing with Soil

Your perspective and your reaction are only felt by you - those are the things that happens inside you - inside your big HEAD. And, it is better not to get overreacted when something misfortune occurs.

If you are an avid traveler - you know that you need to figure out the situation instead of complaining because it is all just your mind getting puzzled because it is exposed to the new environment. You will calm down! Chill - this is what the travel teaches us.

# 3. That you are creative

Painting of World Map in Two Hands

All those philosophers, scientists, poets, and notable humans who left a mark in the history were influenced by nature.

Yeah - and have you ever asked - how? why? Our best guess is - nature makes you creative. Especially, if you are alone in a peaceful environment without distraction - your inner creativity will rise

"The time, when, in our childish plays,

My sister Emmeline and I

Together chased the butterfly!"

This incredible piece was written by William Wordsworth in regard to nature.

# 4. That patience means patience itself

Bunch of ROSES in Jungle

My friend - we live in a busy world - everything moves at a speed of light. We are always busy. We don't have time to stop for a moment and appreciate small things.

Sometimes you need to halt for a moment - smell roses and enjoy the outer world. THIS IS WHAT travel teaches us.

Wasting countless hours at the airport, getting your visas approved, and multiple awful events after - you will build up a character. You will unravel the mystery of life - PATIENCE is virtuous.

# 5. That you are living a luxury life

Nepali women Carrying Firewood - Hard Work

Do you call not having a BMW ----- poor life?

Man - you have seen nothing. Come to Nepal - my country or visit other developing countries. You will learn that - you are living a luxury life.

There will be a moment of realization - most travelers have been there. You will learn to appreciate small things and those privileges you have failed to treasure.

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