# 7 Benefits of Trekking to the Himalayas of Nepal

Trekking to the Himalayas is a fun and challenging adventure.

Here, we will look at the 7 benefits of Trekking to the Himalayas - Be it the Everest Base Camp of Nepal or Kilimanjaro of Tanzania - the benefits are all the same:

# 1. Clean and Fresh Air

Person Enjoying the Fresh air in the Mountains - Benefits of Trekking

Far away from the pollution of the city and the noisy life - there is the imalayas - peaceful and calm. You'll love the clean and the freshness of the air, gushing down from the Himalayas - an undeniably great treat to your lungs. And finally, realize why the Gurus and Rishis lived in the Mountains and lived for centuries.

# 2. Increase in cardiovascular strength and greater agility

Heart (cardio) in snowy mountain and sun at the top

After your arrival in Lukla - in the case of Everest Base Camp Trek - You've to walk. why? because there are no roads - your foot is your transportation to reach the base camp. And most of the trekking destination in Nepal means - long hours of walking - increasing your cardio strength - through the beautiful villages, wild lives, and the forest to reach your destination. No matter, you'll enjoy the walk and remember, this is a bet - you will feel uncomfortable walking in the plain land after walking the trails of Nepal.

# 3. No Internet + Social Interaction = Bonding

Two Girls Enjoying Nature - Bonding

Internet connectivity is weak in the Himalayas of Nepal. Some love it and some don't - despite - it is a good time to interact with the locals and increase your bonding with your family, friends, guides or anyone you meet. This will be a great opportunity for you to increase your social meter. It is one of the benefits of trekking that comes in disguise - you never know what Mountains have for you.

# 4. Clear Mind and Decrease in stress

A woman and two men enjoying sunrise

Trekking in the Himalayas clears our mind and rejuvenates it. Trekking reduces the stress level and helps with our problem of depression - because seeing beautiful flowers and nature releases Endorphins - a hormone and a reason behind our happiness, and the happier your are, the better your memory and the functionality of the brain improves.

# 5. Stunning Views

Scenic View of Ama Dablam

Have you ever seen any view that you couldn't ignore? You'll see all sorts of views in the Cities and the Himalayas of Nepal. From the polluted city, dirty rivers to the cleanest areas and the most stunning views - get ready for your ultimate experience. The city - Kathmandu - is the most densely populated area of Nepal and you can expect all sort of things here.

The Himalayas are the exact opposite of Kathmandu and you shouldn't return back after visiting Kathmandu only. There is an entirely different story in the Himalayas of Nepal. In fact, we should make a new statement - "Don't judge Nepal by looking at the Kathmandu of Nepal."

# 6. One more story to tell

Group of People during vacation telling stories, enjoying and fire in the middle

Let me take you a bit further - in the future. There are your grandchildren and your BFF's, wondering what to do throughout the day. And you come up with the story to tell them - your adventure in the Himalayas of Nepal. It will be a great adventure for you to relive the moment and hell of a work to take them to the adventure with you.

# 7. You Perspective changes

Word famous Sherpa Porter and tourist trekking in the Himalayas

The Himalayas shows you things you've never seen. It is like a clear sky for a bird who lived forever in a small cage. We - humans - are also caged inside a small cabinet - with a 21-inch plasma screen in front and reading small texts. And when we see big mountains and the Nepali people living in the highest parts of the world's, sharing common ground with their family- you will change, you'll become a different person after seeing all the hard work they've done. You'll understand that you can live any way you like - it is YOU - who defines the life you want.

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