# 5 Things you should know about Nepal

5 must know things about nepal - cover image

Nepal is a mysterious country. There are Hills, there are flat Terais' and there is the world's highest mountain - Everest. And it is the birthplace of the bravest men in the world - Gurkhalis.

We've prepared five things which are must know about Nepal. We hope these five things are enough to help you make a decision to invest in Nepal.

# 1. 8 out of 10 World's Highest Mountain is in Nepal

Kalapatthar Viewpoint

View from Kalapatthar (5545m/18192 ft} - Lhotse (8,516 m), Nuptse (7,861 m) and Everest (8848 m)

Nepal is like thecollector of Mountains. Among Top 10 highest mountains of the World, 8 of them are here. Except for 2nd and 9th.

And do not confuse hills with mountains, although compared with the Australian standard. Most hills in Nepal fall under the Mountain category.

# 2. Living Goddess - Kumari (Only in Nepal)

Kumari - Living Goddess of Nepal - Samita Bajracharya

Nepal is the only country with living Goddess known as Kumari. She is a young girl chosen after fulfilling many requirements. Hindus and Buddhists worship her and deemed to be above Kings and Queens. (Now Nepal is Democratic Nation, so there are no Royals, but before that it was true).

# 3. Nepal's Flag is one of a Kind

Flag of Nepal and two Nepalese holding it.

The National flag of Nepal is very unique. It is well over 2,000 years old; themed with crimson red and blue color. The crimson red represents victory & the national flower of Nepal - the Rhododendron. The latter one; blue represents PEACE. So, make sure you take a small version of it as a souvenir.

# 4. BuddhaWas Born in Nepal

Gautam Buddha, His mother and Prince Rahula

Never argue on this topic or convince anything related to this subject. This is a matter of National Pride. Many Indians faced heavy criticism for claiming that Buddha was born in India.

You can visit the birth place in the Lumbini zone. There is a museum in Lumbini and a preserved location of the first steps taken by Gautam Buddha.

# 5. BlackOut is Very Common (Loadshedding)

A candle Light - Load-shedding in Nepal

Do not panic! let me tell you again, DO NOT PANIC! Periodic blackouts in Nepal is very common. Despite, most of the shops are open. They make use of rechargeable electric lights and candles. Carrying your own portable power banks or solar charger is helpful.

Nowadays it is less common - because of New laws and new policies. Thank GOD.

Hope, you find those five things useful. Read more and learn more before going to trek in the mountains of Nepal. And do not forget to share it with your friends. Thank you!