# 10 Immortal Nepali Classic Songs that defines the Culture of Nepal

Immortal Nepali classic songs - cover image

Songs represent a culture and among them, the best one makes a history. These are the top 10 classic immortal songs of Nepal.


1. Resham Firiri - Sunder Shrestha, Dwarika Lal Joshi

2. Mohani Lagla Hai from the movie: Chino - Narayan Gopal & Asha Bhosle

3. Kusume Rumal - Udit Narayan Jha & Deepa Jha

4. Gajalu Ti Thula Thula Aankha - Gulam Ali

5. Asare Mahina Ma - Chujan Dukpa

6. Rato Rani - Danny Dengonpa

7. Timle Ta Hoina - Bachhu Kailash

8. Suntali Mai (Sindhuli Gadhi Ghumera Herda) - Krishna Bikram Thapa

9. Gurasai Fulyo - 1974 AD (Band)

10. Lekali Hey Choyako Doko - Ram Thapa

# 1. Resham Firiri - Sunder Shrestha, Dwarika Lal Joshi

Composer: Buddhi Pariyar


Composed by Buddhi Pariyar - this song was first released on radio in 1996 and became a super hit. Till this day, you can hear Nepalese singing this song (with sarangi - most of the time).

This is among the first song that started the modern music industry of Nepal. And you can still hear this song playing in the touristic areas of Kathmandu - the Capital.

# 2. Mohani Lagla Hai from the movie: Chino - Narayan Gopal & Asha Bhosle


This song is from a Nepali movie: Chino. It is sung by Kusum Gajmer and Tulsi Ghimire. The role played by Shiva Shrestha depicts him flirting with a girl. The song is also about a warning to a girl that she may fall for his village boy accent.

The original singer is, Asha Bhosle & "Swar Samrat" or Emperor of Voice, Narayan Gopal, who is one of the most significant cultural icons of Nepal. Here are few of his popular singles: Kehi Mitho Baat Gara, Mero Pyaro Okhal Dhunga, Jun Phul Maile, etc.

# 3. Kusume Rumal - Udit Narayan Jha & Deepa Jha

Lyric/Composer: Ranjit Gajmer


This song is also from a movie with the same name. Lead role by renowned actor Bhuwan K.C and Tripti Nadakar with Udit Narayan. The movie portrays the difference between the rich and the poor.

It is a love song. The theme is set on a silk handkerchief. And because it is a romantic movie - the song is ideal for lovers deeply in love.

# 4. Gajalu Ti Thula Thula Aankha - Gulam Ali

Lyric: M.B.B Shah (Late Shree 5 Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev [King]) Composer: Deepak Jangam


Sung by Pakistani singer, Gulam Ali. The song is about appreciation. Appreciation about his crushes eyes, fangs, eyebrows, and everything. It is must for those of you falling in love. Makes you fall deep in thoughts and indulge in the emotional journey of love.

And it is written by Late King M.B.B Shah of Nepal. It is a testament that love neglects no one. Not even kings.

# 5. Asare Mahina Ma - Chujan Dukpa

Lyric: Norden Rumba Composer: Tulsi Gajmer


This is a gloomy song. It melodiously tells the story about the tragedy of a guy in the army and his kin and kiths. Containing the history of that time, when youth were brain-drained to foreign and the city areas to improve economic status.

The song is nostalgic and brings the old good memory to the folks of that time.

# 6. Rato Rani - Danny Dengonpa

Lyric/Composer: Shambhujeet Baskota


This song has a catchy rhythm. One can easily fall in love with the bongo tune and the madal (Traditional Nepali Drum) beat.

It is an upbeat teasing song trying to impress a gal. This classic is one that no one can forget. You can still listen to this song in the center of Thamel area.

# 7. Timle Ta Hoina - Bachhu Kailash

Lyric: Chetra Pratap Adhikari Composer: Nati Kaji

Link (It's Protected, You can still go to the link and listen)

Another flirty song on the list. This track by Mr. Kilash is one to listen to while daydreaming about your crush. Or appreciating your present dear one.

# 8. Suntali Mai (Sindhuli Gadhi Ghumera Herda) - Krishna Bikram Thapa

Lyric/Composer: K.B Thapa


A classic portrayal of the legendary folk song of Nepal. This song is an indirect representation of culture and youth. 'Suntali' is a name of a girl however in this track the name embodies all the females.

A wonderful number to listen when you are traveling through the highway. Because the lyric describes his experience in "Sindhuli Gadhi" (place) and the palaces there.

# 9. Gurasai Fulyo - 1974 AD (Band)

Lyric/Composer: 1974 AD


The band 1974 AD composes a blend of folk and rock numbers. And more popular with the late 90s youths and 21st-century teenagers. Tracks such as "Parelima", "Nepali Ho", "Chudaina Timro Mayale", etc are their famous creations.

Gurasai Fulyo is a nicely supported by the melody of flute and modern guitars and drums. Teenagers favor this track.

It is fresh song compared to other tracks listed here nonetheless their addition of folk and traditional instruments make it a listen worthy.

# 10. Lekali Choyako Doko - Ram Thapa

Lyric/Composer: Ram Thapa


Popular for his humorous songs. Thapa's Lekali song is about adolescence and desire. This number is still embraced and sang in many functions til these days. At many festivals, you can listen to this song, kids dancing with the rhythm and enjoying the classic hit.