# Top 10 Things to do in Lumbini

10 Things to do in Lumbini

Lumbini is a great add-on. You can solely do this trip or include this at the end of your trip to Nepal. Many Buddhist followers come here during Buddha Jayanti.

It is also found that tourists visit here after exploring the Annapurna Region. They come here mostly to enjoy the peace - being the area, heavily influenced by Buddhism.

Following your visit. Here are the Top 10 things to do in Lumbini:

# 1. Visit Maya Devi Temple

Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini

Maya Devi Temple is a precious location. Queen Maya Devi gave birth to Lord Buddha here. You can enjoy the calm pond nearby - the Pushkarni. This is one of the must-visit locations here in Lumbini.

# 2. Explore Tilaurakot

Located in a meadow, it is about 29KM west of Lumbini. Lord Buddha himself spent his youth here before leaving for the attainment of Enlightenment. It is known as the historical site of Kapilvastu. Banganga river is by the side of Tialurakot.

There's a Tilaurakot museum. 27 KM west of Tilaurakot village. You can find historical coins, potters & toys (7th - 4th century AD) along with the collection of jewelry & other ornaments.

# 3. Visit Chinese & Thai Monastery

Zhong Hua Chinese monastery is of Pagoda style. Its elegance is one of the noblest structure in Lumbini.

Royal Thai Monastery of Lumbini

Royal Thai Monastery is a Thai-style monastery as the name implies. Glistening white marble represents the culture of Thailand. The blue-roofed meditation hall next door is one of the most brilliant architectural alchemy.

# 4. Visit Myanmar Golden Temple & Thrangu Canadian Monastery

Scarred around the spot are the collections of Monastery built by the nations such as France, Austria, Singapore, India, Bhutan, Sri-Lanka, and many other.

Thai Monastery of Lumbini

Among them, Myanmar Golden Temple is noticeable for its Golden & Green structure styled after the temples of Bagan. You can visit the three prayer halls and be awe-inspired by its grandioseness.

Thangru Monastery in Lumbini

Thrangu Canadian Monastery was funded by Canadians. Its uniqueness is represented by nearly 3000 Buddha statues lining the walls inside the monastery. These statues represent donors.

# 5. Meditation Courses (Must)

One day course to full-fledged enlightenment course. Lumbini is a hub for meditation. Be emotionally calmer, mentally alert, more stable & gain confidence. Here are some links to get you started: Dhamma Janani , Panditarama

# 6. Bicycling/Rickshaw Ride (Sightseeing)

Rickshawing around Lumbini in a covered rickshaw is an experience not to miss. Bicycling by yourself is not recommended on sunny days. It is scorching hot here. You can hire a guide if you are interested in knowing the historical facts.

# 7. Visit Lumbini Museum

Lumbini Museum Wide Shot

Lumbini Museum is popular for housing historical pieces from the era of Gautam Buddha. You can witness ancient Mauryan & Kushana coins, religious manuscripts, stones & metal sculptures, terra-cotta fragments and extensive collections of stamps.

# 8. Visit World Peace Pagoda

Peace Pagoda of Lumbini

One of the most picturesque monuments of Lumbini. Peace Pagoda is outside the main pagoda within the reach of a ride in a Bicycle. It was constructed by Japanese Buddhist with the fund of USD 1 million. There are poses of Buddha, which is assumed to be taken by him during his lifetime.

# 9. Explore Eternal Peace Flame & visit Kudan Stupa

Eternal Peace Fire in Lumbini

A symbol of world peace, the Eternal Flame of Lumbini is continuously burning since 1986 as a continuous effort to create peace and harmony in the world. It is at the southern end of the canal.

Kudan Stupa is known as the spot where Lord Buddha met his family after renunciation. You should come here if you are looking to get away from the central shrines of Lumbini. It's just 4.5 KM outside of Tilaurakot. Other places such as Gotihawa, Nilgidha, and Sagarhawa constitutes important facts that signify the life of Buddha.

# 10. Savor Traditional Meals

The mixture of Indian/Nepali style food around the streets of Lumbini may not be of a western standard, nonetheless - the tastes can be an adventure to your taste buds. The traditional spicy, sour, and unbelievably sweet foods are positively the cultural representation of Indian influenced meals of Lumbini. MoMo, Pakauda, Jerry (Jalebi), Tikya Chat, and Pani Puri are few of those to start you off.