# 10 Fun Things to do in Kathmandu

fun things to do in Kathmandu - cover image

Kathmandu is a bustling city. Full of foreigners - and the densest part of the country. It takes a while to grasp the sheerness of city life.

If you are looking for quick things to do in Kathmandu (1 day, 2 days maximum). Here are the top 10 fun things you can do:

# 1. Tour / SightSeeing

Kathmandu Durbar Squares (Palaces)

In Kathmandu Valley - nothing can beat sightseeing. There are countless cultural heritages which are listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites. You better not miss the opportunity and take a tour around one of the most densely located heritage of Nepal.

# 2. Cooking Class - MoMo

MoMo beats all the fast foods in Kathmandu. Every tourist favor this Tibetan influenced dumpling. You can take a cooking class and rock the recipe which blends Newari flavor and Tibetan style.

# 3. Explore the Market

Thamel Market and small business sellers

From the different corners of Nepal, handcrafts are transported to Thamel - the biggest tourist hub. Inside the biggest bustle of Kathmandu valley - you can explore the showcasing of Nepali crafts and enjoy different events as well.

# 4. Shop Around

Antiques Shopping in Thamel

Shopping for souvenirs to take home or shopping for normal clothing - Kathmandu has it all. You can hire a local guide to see the hidden cultural world in Kathmandu. You will get glimpses of the most serene and secluded practices.

# 5. NightLife

If you want to enjoy the modern Nepal. The center of Kathmandu - which is Thamel, has it all. On-demand artists and songs to all night parties - this is the place to be.

# 6. Parks and Attractions

Whoopee Land in Kathmandu

There are countable parks and attractions in Kathmandu. You can visit the National zoo or small garden of dreams in Thamel. And there is the Disneyland of Nepal - the Funpark in Bhrikutimandap.

# 7. Meditation Classes

Meditation classes in Kathmandu

Our busy schedule and stress from daily work plan tire our mind and body. The perfect way to relieve this is to take full day meditation class with relaxation from the experts. In Kathmandu - you can visit the Swayambhunath for the meditation and others.

# 8. Everest Flight

Mount Everest flight is a once in a lifetime experience. Most of the Everest flight in Nepal is done early in the morning and usually lasts for an hour. From the flight, you will explore the major Himalayas of Nepal - from East all the way to the west.

# 9. RickShaw Ride

Rickshaw Parking in Thamel, Kathmandu

RickShaw Ride is a different experience for those who like a casual exploration of the city. It is very easy to find RickShaw in Thamel. Tourists visit the popular attractions like the Durbar Squares and do cultural food tours to explore the street cuisine of Nepal.

# 10. Hike

View from Nagarkot View Point

Hiking for a day and get to see the Himalayan views seems out of the league from Kathmandu - but it is possible. The closest hike is the Nagarkot hike. Besides that, there is another hiking destination around the valley and many of them offer a nice view of the Kathmandu settlement.r


# 11. Rafting / Canoeing

Rafting in Bhotekoshi

Around 3 hours ride from the center of Kathmandu is the popular rafting spot where many water activities are offered. You can join big groups there and you will need to book the spot earlier because it is busy all round year.

# 12. Bungee/Big Swing

You can take a 3-hour ride to Bhotekoshi for one of the most anticipating adventurous activity of Kathmandu - the BunGEE Jumping. The place is very facilitated with standard resorts and relaxing spots.